Our Services

In-A-Tick is equipped with an extensive range of service offerings.

Specialising in providing independent routine inspection testing, calibration, validation and preventative maintenance activities in order to certify a range of equipment:

  • Biomedical Equipment
  • Medical Gas Systems and Accessories including Anaesthetic and Resuscitation Equipment
  • Clean room air sampling
  • Operating Lights/Pendants
  • Sterilisation and Disinfection Equipment, including Fixed Pre-Vacuum Systems
  • Radiation Sources including General and Dental X-ray and Fluoroscopy Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Body/Cardiac Patient Treatment Area Testing and Commissioning
  • Electrical Appliances, including Microwaves and RCDs
  • Audiometer calibrations
  • Dental Equipment

All In-A-Tick services are provided in accordance with Australian Standards, manufacturer specifications and statutory requirements.

Detailed reports link our testing back to the individual asset and calibration certificate of the test equipment used.

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